Funding Successful!

First production run of Lammily dolls was successfully funded. In spring 2014, more than 13,621 backers have preordered over 19,000 dolls, totaling $501,384.00.

You can still have your Lammily doll delivered
before Christmas 2014. Preorder now!


What if Fashion Dolls Were Made Using Standard Human Body Proportions?

This is the question I asked myself after comparing fashion dolls to typical body proportions. HuffingtonPostYahoo! ShineTodayTimeLA TimesGood Morning America, CNNCBSCosmopolitanThe Daily Beast, BBC Radio and other news outlets featured my project.

Many people were asking, “Where can we get a doll like this?”.

I’ve been working hard to make that a reality.

Meet Lammily!


Lammily Promotes Realistic Beauty Standards

The doll is made according to typical human body proportions. Click here for more images.



Lammily is Fun

She has articulated wrists, knees, elbows, and feet.



Lammily Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

She is fit and strong.



Lammily Has Style

Lammily wears minimal makeup. Her wardrobe isn’t composed of typical clothing for dolls – she is dressed with striking simplicity. Click here for more images.



Lammily is Ready for Production

A highly detailed and very accurate 3D digital prototype of Lammily has been created. The manufacturer will use this model to make the physical doll. I’ve been consulting with Robert Rambeau, former Vice President of Manufacturing at Mattel, who has offered his experience and expertise in selecting a highly qualified manufacturer. I need your help to cover the costs of tooling and molding, and to meet the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity.



Be the Change

Rather than waiting for toy companies to change their designs, let’s change them ourselves by creating a fashion doll that promotes realistic beauty standards.



Exclusive First Edition Lammily

Backers can pre-order an exclusive first edition Lammily wearing a blue-white ombre blouse, denim shorts, and white sneakers.

lammily doll